Examples of work

Company History

Based in Stockport, Hardy’s Professional Services provides high quality PLC and SCADA systems to industry. Established in 2010 by Andrew Hardy, who has been designing, installing and commissioning control systems since 1987. He has extensive experience in Siemens, Allen Bradley, Modicon and Mitsubishi PLCs, WonderWare InTouch SCADA as well as a host of HMIs, in a variety of industry sectors including plastics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, and food and drink.

Fixed Price Software

I offer PLC and SCADA software on a fixed price basis, up to the completion of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) – eliminating a major source of project cost overruns. The one exception to this general rule is commissioning, as there are too many factors outside of my control to allow me to provide commissioning on a fixed price basis.

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